DHA Sendabio 1000 (60 units)


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SendaBio develops their products by considering people’s real needs.

DHA SendaBio provides:

  • The most pure Omega 3-based concentrate from the best tuna in our seas.
  • A natural process free of impurities, heavy metals, dioxins…
  • The best price and cost/efficiency, providing more than 1,000 mg of DHA per capsule.
  • Only 1 capsule covers daily nutritional requirements (1 bottle for 2 months with DHA SendaBio)
  • Purity above 85% and low levels of phytanic acid.
  • The product with the greatest effect on your general well-being on the market
  • Triglyceride of maximum bioavailability.

Note its short term effects.

  • The safest, with no side effects. Completely safe and natural, even in large doses.

SendaBio is the benchmark laboratory in the development of products based on maximum purity DHA, mainly aimed at covering people’s real needs, providing high quality in terms of ingredients developed and end products which offer affordable, competitive prices for the end consumer.

To request more information or answer queries: info@sendabio.es